It is illegal for us or ANY other Australian vendor to sell or supply nicotine.

As stupid as this law is, it is the current law.

Nicotine must be purchased from overseas.

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Australias' STUPID prescription model for Nicotine

Effective Oct 1st 2021

  • From Oct 1st you will NOT be banned from purchasing nicotine from overseas.
  • You will however be required to have a prescription to purchase "nicotine e-liquid products" from overseas.
  • BDV and myself (Nick - Owner) personally recommend consulting with Dr Colin Mendelsohn (neither BDV or myself benefit in any way by recommending Dr Mendelsohn, he is simply an authoritative voice of reason in this ridiculous situation) . All information can be found on his website here.

It should be noted that cigarettes and other highly taxed tobacco products WILL still be freely available in almost every supermarket in Australia.