HohmTech Hohm Work2 - 18650

HohmTech Hohm Work2 - 18650

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The Hohm Work2 is for all you mechanical 18650 mod lovers, kicking in a 2547mah capacity with a massive 25.3A discharge rating! Need the hardest possible 18650 hit. Then get to work with the Work 2.


  • Capacity: 2547mah
  • Continuous Discharge Rate: 25.3A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Capable of charging at up to 3.82A
  • Industry-unique QSP Li-NMC
  • Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient ensures lowest possible chance of thermal runaway (a.k.a. battery venting)
  • Quad Stripping Process delivers lowest possible voltage sag
  • Embossed top cap identifies each Hohmtech batteries' authenticity

*** ONLY USE with 18650 Mech Mods